Ontario Paneling Application Used by Architects for Modern Designs!

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Flexible and Affordable


Ontario paneling application for both exterior and interior use is an affordable and beneficial method for new builds or renovations. Architects continue to challenge modern designs, creating striking aesthetics for residential, commercial or even industrial buildings. Aluminum metal cladding systems can be installed upon many substrates including brick, cement, cement block, plywood or metal in multidirectional patterns. The natural properties of aluminium make it a perfect choice for exterior applications.


Panels are installed by attaching metal panels to an interlocking grid, or a mounting system. Essentially this wraps aluminum to the exterior like a metal sheath. Aluminum cladding is easier to install versus steel given the weight difference between the two materials. Another great advantage to exterior paneling application is the maintenance is fairly simple. Annual washing of the paneling system is really all that’s needed to handle the wear and tear of daily exposure to the elements. Panels manufactured by companies like Nortem produce two particular types of panels that have a protective coating either baked or applied to the aluminum panels.



Plugin and Linear Panels


Plugin panels are painted with a fluoropolymer that gives the panels a smooth and slick appearance. These panels fit together on a specific mounting system. This coating also prevents airborne dirt, pollution, acid rain and corrosion from salt. A linear panel is another Nortem fabrication that has both interior and exterior applications. It has a polyvinylidene fluoride coating baked into the aluminum panel. This high heat process, (baked at 780 degrees Celsius,) enables the panels to secure its vivid colour for many years. These panels are able to be molded and curved to suit different designs.


Panels fabricated by Nortem specifically, use a form roller or a brake pressing machine to manufacture the panels. Panels tend to be rectangular in size with formed edges on both sides for a flat appearance. Some popular applications also include: condominium developers, commercial builders, custom residential projects in some of Ontario’s most up and coming neighbourhoods. What better way to create a remarkable architectural design combines the best elements of traditional forms with modern aesthetics.



Benefits of Aluminum


Aluminium itself has a high weight to strength ratio, is durable against the elements and should it damage, is easy to repair. Ontario weather can be quite varied; from blustery wet snow to hot and humid summers. The salt and moisture in the air can affect other paneling applications in ways that it can not harm aluminum. Other benefits include:

  • Recyclable – aluminum panels are perfect for a social commitment to reducing carbon footprint in building construction. At the end of its long life, aluminum panels can be recycled and used in a variety of functions.
  • Ductility – has a low melting point and density. Products of aluminum can be formed close to the end of the product’s design.
  • Impermeable – even at its thinnest, aluminum is completely impermeable and lets in neither aroma or light through. The material is non-toxic.


For those living in Ontario, paneling application incorporated into builds, whether new projects or renovations, achieves a beautiful and modern façade that will set it apart from all others!

Nortem offers the most green and efficient cladding system. Our choice of fully recyclable material for our metal panelling products is based on research and innovation.

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